MagellanTV Will select 100 people to participate in a competition where they have to watch 24 hours 32 movies The winner of the crime will get a juicy money.

“Our ideal candidate survives for ‘True Crime’. He’s the scariest serial killer, the bloodiest detail he can see, and is discouraged by the icy paranormal. ” The official website of the channel.

Magellan chose TV 32 movies The contestants must see, which is available to the public in a list published on the web portal and also the duration of each.

The marathon will begin with the documentary ‘Murder Maps: Horror in the Bermunds’, which will run for 44 minutes, and will end with ‘Cyber ​​Crimes with Ben Hammersley: Scams’, an episode that lasts 25 minutes.

The challenge of this competition is that the participants have to try Don’t sleep Nothing until 32 movies are finished. However, if they accidentally fall into a micro-sleep, they will be able to continue competing, since the actual duration will be a maximum of 48 hours.

How will the event work?

According to the website, will apply for the competition Resident of the United States More than 18 years. Family members or individuals who have any kind of personal relationship with the organizers of the event will not be able to participate.

To enter the competition, fans must argue before a jury, in an online form, as to why they are true. Fans of horror and mystery. The 100 most trusted profiles will enter the competition.

The jury will evaluate all transmissions, verifying that each has completed a complete list of films within the established time.

Yes, it will be selected. Randomly to the winner, Since the need is not disqualified by time. But the competition will not end there. The person must face multiple additional challenges to be authorized to win, but that information will remain confidential until the person is selected.

The winner will receive USD 24,000, which equates to USD 100 per hour.

In addition, all participants, including the winner, will receive one Free membership year Magellan on the TV platform so they can always enjoy the exclusive secrets and awesome content offered by the company.

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