The Municipality From Quito This Sunday, April 17, 2022 reported that a Process The company is against advertising Sermiento S.A. for a course Violation From Agreement By the company

A notification issued from the mayor’s office said, during the administration Mauritius Rhodes An agreement was signed with the firm “for Discount Design, construction, installation, maintenance and Save Street Furniture (Stop From Live) In exchange for exploitation Advertising In the metropolitan district of Quito.

However, according to the municipality, presumably, “Sermiento There is SA Incomplete There are several contractual obligations, which create a possibility Loss In the interest of the city.

Due to apparent disagreement, the mayor’s office “took strong action”, maintaining the D’s administration. Santiago Garderas. Sermiento, on the other hand, has undertaken a mediation process before the company Attorney General of the State and presented a Action From Protection In Guayaquil, “despite the company’s address and its representatives in Quito”.


June 7, 2018, Former Secretary of the Territory Dr. Jacob Hardoiza This told the newspaper that the placement of the stop was done with a Public-private partnership So the city did not spend. At this time he indicated to take care of the institution Design, Advantage Y. Maintenance Of Stop In return Ad exploitation.

According to one of the company’s executives in 2018, William VictoriaAdvertising Sarmiento Director, Time 10 years The company will take care Run again For Potential damage.

Based on the experience of other countries, he added, the only way is to deal with it Destructive The breakdown is repaired immediately at the stop. Another benefit of the alliance was that it was thought to invest about িয়ন 30 million for the city and create jobs for about 150 families.

Security action question

The City Council assures that the security measures are in place to avoid a “transparent draw” in Case No. 09281-2022-00010T, “out of working hours, in front of a judge in Flagrant Delicto.”

The Judge Hermes Jimenez Precautionary measures have been approved and the mayor’s office indicates that this protection “makes it impossible for the municipality to use its powers to the detriment of civic interests.”

The Guardians administration has called Advice Of Judiciary “It focuses on the potential arbitrariness that may occur in the processing of this case” and urges the public to “beware of the use of this illegal practice and the potential harm” that is a crime against the interests of the city of Quito.

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