The Judicial Commission made this recommendation on Monday, March 28, 2022, that Assembly Plenary Submitted for review Constitutional Court Partial veto presented by the executive Rape abortion law.

The report, which is not mandatory, is approved with Eight votes in favor This Monday, March 28, 2022. Only Ricardo Venegas from Pachakutik voted against and Sophia Espin from Coreismo did not..

The document indicates that until the constitutional control of this law is resolved, Will suspend the 30-day deadline for which the Legislative Assembly text must be approved or approved.

According to the project reporter, Johanna Morera (ID), responds to objections raised by the measurement executive Almost completely affects the project and includes issues of constitutionalism.

“President Guillermo Lasso has abused his power to veto the bill, and the distinction between the vetoes must be acknowledged. The president raised a partial veto when he objected to 61 of the 63 articles, disguising the total veto, “he said.

The head of the commission, Alejandro Jaramillo (ID), said Documents will be sent The president of the assembly, Guadalupe Lori (PK), must be summoned in full to approve a resolution with an absolute majority.

He raised the question of the President Lasso Veto included Personal consideration. The standard was needed about a year ago The Constitutional Court, when it criminalizes abortion for rape in Ecuador.

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