After two years OffThe Shelter High peaks Karel BrothersThe animal production reserve is located ChimborazoIt was reopened Tourists And hikers on April 14, 2022.

Ministers of Tourism and Environment, Water and Environmental Change with the Municipal Decentralized Autonomous Government (GAD) Riobamba, the provincial GAD of Chimborazo and the government of Chimborazo, visited the site Interest in tourism To do yours ReopenedOn the eve of the Easter holiday.

The Hostel Was closed for two years, primarily due ExtremeThen finally drop through the same and subsequent process Adequacy Of InfrastructureThe environment portfolio said in a statement.

Reinforced infrastructure has a CafeteriaA point Information Tour Y. Sanitary batteries. In the next few days Service From Accommodation For high mountain activity.

The administration is in charge of Riobamba Municipality, which provides site services through contracts with the community.

In a speech to reopen the Harmanos Carroll Shelter, Tourism Minister Nils Olsen explained that Places of interest Like a vehicle Save And development, because that’s where tourism is Positive effectBoth economically and socially and environmentally.

“For sustainable management, we must always involve local communities,” he argued, adding that protected areas should be a star product for travel to continental Ecuador. Foreign tourists.

Olsen met with tour operators in the area to listen to their needs and create a roadmap that would allow Effective reactivation In this area of ​​tourist interest.

Riobamber Mayor Napoleon Cadena noted that a strategic alliance has been formed that will promote the development of tourism in cities and provinces, Growth opportunities for families in the sector.

Faustino Guamanshi, pre-cooperative president of the Chimborazo Animal Production Reserve Community, maintains that area residents have a will To work Inside Set With the authority for the development of these service points and reserves in general.

Luis Falconi, representing Chimborazo Prefecture, indicated that tour operators in the area could benefit from the transfer of ownership to GAD to manage the care of the sanctuary.

Signaling and road improvement

He has been making such comments ever since Prefecture Is investing Tourist signals Chimborazo with promises to conserve animals To get better Way from Shelter entrance.

Ecuadorian mountaineer Evan Vallejo was also present on the occasion. “I am leaving with all my heart because this meeting is real and in the interest of the country, so that it is recognized as a great destination for our benefit. These beautiful things happened today at the foot of this mountain. ”

The Karel Brothers Shelter It is located 4,850 meters above sea level and is the only site on a national scale where vehicles have access at this altitude. It is located in the Chimborazo Animal Sanctuary, which receives 95% visitors from different parts of the country.

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