Catholic University Alberto Spencer won a crucial victory at the stadium, Guayaquil. Won 4-0 October 9Which allows you to stay in the top position.

With the goal of Panama Ishmael Diaz39 and 77 minutes and Colombian Christian Martinez BorjaAt 69 and 75, Chattoli added 11 points Position tableThis is April 9, 2022.

The cameramen were fair winners for the effort they put in at Guakil Stadium. Most of the time there was dominance, there was 90% Possession of the ballAccording to the SofaScore application, and created six clear scoring opportunities.

Stayed with a guy on campus for less than 22 minutes Chase From Kevin CalfWhich facilitated the dominance of the Quito team led by Argentina’s Miguel Rondelli.

Referee Roddy Zambrano was dismissed Alexander Anagono, For a double yellow card in 60 minutes. But that did not change Rondelli’s offer, which maintained discipline and his offensive play.

He will return to the field against the Camaratta on Saturday 16 April Valley is independent, At the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. He will visit on October 9 EmelekAt Capwell Stadium.

The Buenos Aires team finished last with five points. He has scored 13 goals in seven matches.

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