There were no long lines of people at the ticket office on Saturday afternoon, May 21, at the land terminal north of Quito. Photo: Evelyn Jácome / El Comercio

At the land terminal Prison On the morning of May 21, 2022, there was very little movement. A number of people were buying tickets, especially to destinations in the north of the country, such as Ottavallo, Ibarra and Tulcan, but there were no long lines in common. Holidays.

Alexandra Almeida, 36, was waiting for the bus to leave with her son Alexandro. He arrived at the terminal at 3:00 pm and was able to buy tickets without any problems. She and her son used it properly Mask And he said that even though it is no longer mandatory to do so, as a precaution he usually stays with the mask for the whole trip.

“Now that’s what they say Monkey pox It’s already on the continent, I like to avoid risk, “he said.

At the terminal, outside the concession stand traders and almost all the workers were wearing masks.

Juan Carlos Enriquez, Manager Express Travel CompanyIndicated that there was less movement on this occasion than last holiday.

Company tour Quito, Ibara Y. TulkanAnd the statistics released so far show that most people have decided not to leave the city

“Maybe it’s because we’ve just passed May 1 is a holidayAnd people are worn out, “he said.

Before the epidemic, remember, in addition to cars leaving every 10 minutes, it was necessary to send two or three extra buses to meet the demand, but this holiday, it was not needed.

In the windows of this company, located in the Carcelén terminal, they almost sold out 1,500 tickets From Friday to this Saturday noon.

Metropolitan public companies, for mobility and public works epmmop, Reported from Friday, May 20, a special operation terminal began. It is expected that around 88,000 users will be added these days.

From QuitumbeTo the south of Quito, more than 54,000 passengers are expected to leave, and from Carcelain, to the extreme north, about 34,000.

The terminals will be open 24 hours a day. The Municipality Citizens are advised to wear masks in closed areas like waiting rooms and buses.

The contingency plans for this weekend include coordinated action within the Metropolitan Traffic Agency, National Transit Agency And the Metropolitan Body.

This is the first vacation for the Battle of Pichincha, for two years, which will be lived without power constraints. According to the municipality, there were exceptions due to this situation last year Covid 19, There was little flow of users to the terminals.

This year, with the reduction of restrictions and a 100% return to power Commercial premises And buses, the city has started to reactivate and people have started to gather on holidays.

For the previous holiday, Labor DayThe departure of 87,200 people from the terminal was recorded between Friday, April 29 and Monday, May 2 in the afternoon.

Internal transport

All land and micro-regional terminals in the district will remain open. Will provide their services later Schedules: La Marin and Rio Coca, from 05:30 to 22:00 and La Ophelia from 06:00 to 21:00.

From La Marine on the Ave. Pichincha, 10 transport operators offer their services in Tambillo, Sangolqui, Píntag, Fajardo, Amaguaña, San Rafael, Rumiloma …

Located in La Ophelia, Ave. Diego Vasquez de Sepeda, yes Seven operators Bound for San Jose de Minas, La Delicia, El Quinche, Pact, Los Bancos and Calderon.

Several frequencies move from the Coca River to the valley Tumbako And parishes in the vicinity of El Quinch, Yarukui, Pifo, Puembo, and Tababela.

The municipality says the next national holiday will be August 10, where the first cry of independence will be commemorated, and Epmmop will make a plan. Operative To meet passenger demand at the land terminal.

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