Simon Bolivar Avenue and Ruta Viva recorded a traffic accident from north to south this Friday. Photo: AMT

Quito Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) Reported this Friday, June 3, 2022 Road accident North-south of Simon Bolivar Avenue and Ruta Viva.

Investigating officers have visited the spot. Events And decided not to close the lane. The alert for the incident was at 10:40.

According to preliminary reports, the Go light Loss of track and overturning on the side of the road can be one of the reasons for the wet road. No injuries were reported.

Authorities advise driving carefully, respecting speed limits and maintaining distance between vehicles.


During the rainy season, authorities recommend that drivers increase safety distance, maintaining a distance between vehicles that allows us to apply the brakes without colliding with the vehicle in front of us. So slow down, try driving in central lanes, and activate your sunken headlights or turn signals.

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