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The British missile split the Russian helicopter in two

A British Star Strike Missile In hand Army From Ukraine A Russian combat helicopter splits in two, as seen in a video released Ukrainian The dispute lasted for more than a month.

The video, which went viral on April 2, 2022, shows one Helicopter Of attack Russian In the disputed area of ​​Mi-28N LuhanskWhich divides the tail region after receiving an effect, reports the Spanish digital portal El Periodico.

As can be seen in the pictures of the attack Missile break The tail of the Mi-28N, after being used by the Ukrainians British weapons After the Russian president was sent to fight the war that began on February 24, Vladimir PutinWill make an announcement ‘Military operations‘Against Ukraine.

It was the first Minister Of United KingdomBoris Johnson, who announced the delivery of an important package Weapons A Ukraine Of which not less than 6,000 MissileWith a significant batch of type Flack Starstrick. In addition to these deliveries, the country has directly supplied 4,000 anti-tank weapons to strengthen. Ukrainian Defense.

Missile capable Neutralize All kinds Aircraft. Starstrick It is a man-portable air defense system. Short range (MANPADS) Built by Thales Air Defense (formerly Shorts Missile Systems) in Belfast. It is also known as Starstrick HVM (High Velocity Missile).

After launch, the missile accelerates to a speed of more than 3,000 kilometers per hour, which makes it a low-range surface-to-air missile. Fast Of The world. Then throw three Submission Laser beam, which Increases The Probability Of a Effect Succeeded in the goal.

Starstrick He has been Service With Army British since 1997. In 2012, Thales renamed the system Banner Force Shield.

Volodymyr ZelenskyPresident UkrainianApril 5 Highlights “Historical leadershipWith the help of the British Prime Minister Kiev. In this regard, Johnson replied: “We will never hesitate to support our friends,” according to the newspaper El Mundo.

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