The British Embassy in Quito celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday and platinum anniversary. Photo courtesy

The The British Embassy in Quito Held Thursday, June 2nd Birthday Y. Jubilee Platinum Queen Isabel II With a reception. The event brought together authorities from different sectors of society who were welcomed by Ambassador Chris Campbell.

The Queen is the first British monarch to celebrate Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. He has made many historical trips abroad.

After thanking guests for their presence in his speech, Ambassador Campbell highlighted the cooperation between the United Kingdom and Ecuador in areas such as conservation, security, and education, among others. In addition, he assured that “in 200 years, relations between the United Kingdom and Ecuador will continue to be strong.”

The Chancellor participated in it

In his speech, Ecuador’s foreign minister, Juan Carlos Holguin, highlighted the involvement of British troops in the liberation operation, adding that bilateral relations are now better than ever and co-operation on environmental issues was mentioned in the reserve declaration. Brotherhood Time COP26.

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