A boy takes his lama home from school and the ticket goes viral Photo: Screenshot

The gentle story of a boy who goes to his school every day with a lama fascinates him Social media.

This is the story of little Joel, who travels several kilometers together with his pet Benjamin, to get to the Angamarka (Sunikila) education center. Cotopaxi), Where he studies.

The video has been shared on social networks Tick ​​tock The minor was seen running while carrying a suitcase on his back.

Joel and Benjamin are advancing in the middle of the surrounding landscape moutains

It was initially thought that the video was recorded Peru; However, a content post Tick ​​tockIt is clear that this happened in Ecuador.

“We’re going to make a similar shot, only we don’t have a car (…). So that you can do it Comparison“, Said one of the people seen in the video. “It simply came to our notice then Ecuador. It’s not that we’re angry, but that they know Ecuador has all these tourist attractions, “commented the person in the video with Joel via account. @ Lacarcosa.

In the recording, the man asks the boy the name of the lama and he answers that it is: “Benjamil”.

@ Lacarcosa

The boy who created the tenderness of riding a lama is from Sunikila Angamarca, Ecuador.# Spain: # ecuadoriansfortheworld🇪🇨🌏💫 # Flame boy #Lamita #Love for animals #Best friend # For you

ল Original word – Lacarcosa


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