His death has caused a great deal of controversy in Latin America Debanhi Escobar, an 18-year-old girl who was found dead in a pool at the Nueva Castilla MotelIn Nuevo Leনn, Mexico.

There have been several theories in recent days about this case. Although authorities did not deny the homicide, they did find evidence that could indicate the decision was an accident.

Debani, who went missing on April 9, I was partying in Quinta El Diamante with several friends. One of the assumptions made by the authorities indicates that, apparently, the young woman was drunk and accidentally fell into the pool, where she was found dead 13 days later.

The State Prosecutor’s Office has recently released a number of images, among others Someone was seen, according to authorities, Debani, who moved to the Nueva Castilla MotelAlthough no one chased him.

“She stays in the corner of the restaurant’s garden for at least 20 minutes, in those 23 recorded minutes, no one is looking for her or following her,” the prosecutor’s office said.

More dead women

The The investigation into Debani’s death is still open and they have not yet reached a conclusionHowever, this search process will reveal a grim reality of missing and dying women in the sector in Mexico where the young student was found dead.

Meanwhile, Imagen Noticias from the Mexican channel Zea, this Monday, May 1, announced that others Two women Found Dead In the facility Motel Nueva CastillaBut people in the vicinity of this place do not want to report these cases because of the series Threats The unknown origin that they have received in them Mobile phones.

Debanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, has publicly condemned the threat since the investigation into his daughter’s disappearance and death began.

The same news program denounced that people living in the vicinity of Quinter, where Debani was partying with her friends, received threats after handing over their security camera-recorded video to the authorities, but they refused to complain. Official for fear of losing his life.

It should be noted that Alicia Lille, the former secretary of the women of Nuevo Leon, recently assured that In the area where he went missing on Dewani night, there was an incident of white slaveryFor which he considered that no line of investigation by the authorities should be canceled.


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