The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador reported this information on Friday, May 6, 2022 Repatriation Of Corpses Three Ecuadorians Is deadLast April, a Accident From Transit In the Jakapa region (Guatemala), after trying Migrate Irregularly

The Corpses Of EcuadoriansOriginally from Azuay and Cañar (southern) provinces To distribute To their relatives, who received Accompanying Y. Extensive support Permanent, from the first moment, by Embassy Of Ecuador Guatemala and Zonal address 6 Chancellor Inside Quick silverHe mentioned in a statement.

The Ecuadorians What? Is dead A. Accident From Transit In the Jakapa section, when they were going Ground path In Mexico, their ages were 19, 31 and 28, he explained.

The The ministry reiterated Yours sincerely Relatives Of DeadA time to urge citizens to avoid Irregular immigration That puts both at risk Lifetime And Integrity Like those who migrate Relatives.

The Cost From RepatriationGuessed by Condition In Ecuador, in all three cases the amount was USD 14,400.

The Chancellor Indicated that, through Consulate And Regional directions In the country, provide technical assistance and timely and immediate assistance Ecuadorians It is ExternalManage as well Repatriation From Corpses Or when a person dies abroad the bodies are transferred and theirs Relatives There is a situation Economic weakness.

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