Mariano Curicama (BAN), President of the Food Sovereignty Commission. Photo: Assembly

Its full Assembly This Tuesday, May 17 the bill was set for the second and final debate The price of raw milk (Or producer).

According to the chairman of the Food Sovereignty Commission, Mariano Curicama (BAN), the idea is that Producers get 52.4% as payment Retail price per liter.

“It means that if the price of milk for human consumption goes up, the price will go up Raw milk Our producers have a tendency to grow, a situation that is not happening right now, “Kurikama explained.

He assured that there is a need for this law Ministerial level agreement 394Issued nine years ago, to control the price of this product.

Pachakutik Coordinator, Salvador QuishopRequested that a moratorium on the import of the project be included Powdered milk For at least 10 years.

“It will be suspended for at least 10 years until we equip ourselves with the financial, commercial, technical, and technological tools and be able to compete in better conditions,” he said.

What’s in the bill?

The project is called Organic Law which promotes the production, commercialization, industrialization, consumption and fixation of the price of milk and its derivatives.

The text contains 45 articles, six provisional provisions, four general provisions and one final provision.

Except Determining the price of one liter of raw milkThe project includes the formation of the National Milk Council, as well as its promotion process CostTraining and technological innovation for the sector and strict border control to prevent smuggling.

The National Milk Council will be an organization that will formulate and implement policies on the whole issue Milk supply chainWith an emphasis on initial production. This will be a counterweight, as well as a broader citizen participation when making decisions involving the sector, he said.

The beginning of the second debate There was no opposition Of the project bench, but they have asked to return to the text commission for its coordination before the vote.

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