The National Police supports a law with balance, which facilitates the activities of soldiers. Photo: Capture

Alain Luna, Director General of Research National PoliceThis requested on May 22, 2022 that the draft biological law that governs Legitimate use of energy “There is a balance that allows the security forces to work in complex situations, threats, crises.”

As I explained, the purpose should be for convenience, within the framework of honor Human rights, That police servers, armed forces and others in the security sector may act in legitimate ways to respond, prevent, and neutralize an action and Aggression Which endangers other citizens.

The report for the second debate of the project was approved yesterday, May 21, 2022, by the Commission for Sovereignty, Integration and Integrity Security. Legislative. The document will first be sent to the presidency on Tuesday, May 24, and a date will be requested for a full debate.

Report Content

The report proposes “a virtuous balance” in respect for human rights. The order of the peopleProtecting the security of citizens and the integrity of the controlled entity servers, in compliance with their legal obligations.

However, it does indicate that the project “is not and cannot be a solution to the serious problems that Ecuador is going through under any circumstances. Civil security

The Commission considers that this burden must be lost in a legal text State responsibilityIt must manifest itself in a clear criminal policy, education, investment, training and an efficient judiciary. ”

Operating results in 2022

Meanwhile, the National Police has released the results Action Soldiers in these five months.

So far this year, 412 criminal groups have been disbanded, and 65 vehicles and 990 motorcycles have been recovered. For ResearchThe police yard has 1,243 vehicles and 1,533 motorcycles. 1,829 firearms and 48,495 ammunitions were seized.

Among the major crimes committed by Isolated organization Theft of goods and accessories (robbery of highways, motorcycles, people, homes, economic units and vehicles) was recorded.

Of the 760 surveys, 38.68% were conducted Quito and Guayaquil, Between May 14 and 15, 2022, by click report, indicates that crime is the problem that prevents them from sleeping.

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