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The Government Bench This Wednesday, May 18, a presentation Complaint Against First Vice President Of AssemblyVirgilio Saquicela (Ind.), Of course Violation From Function.

The purpose must be Sakisela Investigation For not being present Last session Of Advice From Management Of Legislature (CAL), which was called by President Guadalupe Lori (PK).

Assembly members Nathalie Arias and Anna Belen Cordero argued Sakisela As was proposed Vice President By Eglas Of National Agreement (BAN), in which it is later ExpelledFor which “we take responsibility for them Violation

If the intention is so Eligible For him Advice From Management Of LegislatureEstablish a commission Multi-party Like one for President Llori’s investigation Complaint By Esteban Torres (PSC).

Documents were distributed through the window ParliamentSometimes that Sakisela Guess Management Of Session 770 full, later Presidency An appeal was lodged against De Laurie.

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