America You already have it in your hand Guarantee For USD 14 million, which is part of it Bail He is that Former moderator Ecuadorian Carlos Polit One is paid to get out Jail Inside Florida.

For Judgment American, this part Money That they want to recover for six charges Criminal From Money laundering That weighs on ex-officers and allies correism.

This is called Attention Ecuador, since this is the first time Polit Distribute money in one Judicial process. In fact, the United States managed this great capture Addition From Money Even before the trial against him Former moderator.

In Ecuador, there is a polit Judgment For Injury Y. Debts .4 40.4 million Corruption That he is committed to multinationals Odebrecht, But so far it has not canceled a single dollar of that amount. Or he has been one day Ecuadorian prison.

This happens nonetheless Prosecution Ecuador has information that indicates that the money Polit receives in the United States is part of the bribe he received during his tenure in Ecuador.

For this reason, German Rhodes, coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Commission, does not understand how State of Ecuador Did not participate America To claim some of that money. Institutions like that for him ProsecutionThe Attorney General’s Office and the State Department should work with a delegation for the U.S. trial.

The opinion of the criminal lawyer is also the same Mauricio Pacheco, Who mentioned that all three institutions are part of the speedy trial that Polit will submit. Experts explain this Process Its basic feature is that AccusedIn this case the former moderator, The incident commission will accept Accept a Sentence Secondary. In this recognition, Polit will also indicate the names of those who assisted in the commissioning of the event. “That’s why it’s important for the country to be in that process. That way you’ll be able to get more input to judge other people and to politicize yourself. “

Attorney General’s response

Hall is one of the public entities that reacted to the Politburo trial Office of the State Attorney General. Its head, Inigo Salvador, has begun talks with the US State Department.

This newspaper met him yesterday, May 5, 2022. According to official data, the Attorney General’s Office has already started a process to prepare all the necessary documents and requests. America Which allows him to be part of the trial as a victim of the criminal act of politicking.

This request will be raised because the same U.S. file indicates that the former regulator sent large amounts of money from Ecuador and Panama to Florida.

Modus operandi

The illegal scheme that Polit maintained for this transaction was through accounts.SeasideAnd through companies based in Miami. In addition, he relied on at least three people Partner in crime Get money on US soil. Attorney Salvador, therefore, indicated that the purpose of the court proceedings was to claim a portion of the illicit revenue from which it came. Financial system Ecuadorian.

The prosecutor’s office, for its part, has not yet ruled on his appearance in court. What is known is that part of the documentation will be served Judgment Polit in America. International crime has come out of investigation and assistance. The trial is set to begin in mid-June.

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