Wednesday, May 4th Transit and Mobility Agency (ATM) will start delivery of 7 507 Plate For Motorcycles Guayaquil. The process will be completed accordingly Current schedule.

For a withdrawal Plate In an orderly manner, users will be able to approach the dependencies located in av. Narcissus of Jesus Or at the Dowle Street Registration Center. The essential requirement is Original license plate Vehicles

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Plates ending in 1 and 2

Tuesday: Plates ending at 3 and 4

Wednesday: Plates ending at 5 and 6

Thursday: Plates ending at 7 and 8

FridayPlate ending with: 0

According to the ATM, the National Transit Agency (ANT) There was a delay with the city Guayaquil Of 46,850 plates Vehicle detection. Of these, a total of 23850 have been accepted Plate Related to 2021.

23,000 deliveries are still pending Plate From Vehicle detectionMatching what has been allocated so far in 2022.

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