About 70 ATM agents will control traffic during the parade in downtown Guayaquil. Photo: ATM

Different Road closed Will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 Hub From GuayaquilOn the occasion of commemoration parade Battle of Pichincha.

The Transit and Mobility Agency (ATM) is known to start from 09:00 Announcement Citizens And civilian-military student parades, vehicle circulation 9th October AvenueFrom Plaza del Centenario Malecon Avenue 2000.

Passage between the intersections of this section, will be for only Live Of Metrovia systemWhich will not be disrupted.

avc Malecón 2000 No vehicles will ply from Olmedo Road to P. Icaza. However, there will be only access between Olmedo and Cologne streets Vehicles Go to the Malecón parking lot located in this section. The Driver Going north, they could descend into the av. Quito, like Alternative path.

The Live From Urban transport From Chimborajo Road this will proceed to Rumichaka Road via Huancavilka and Cuenca Road, where they can proceed to Luke Road and then take Eve. Quito, continue your tour.

Although those heading south, along the Riobamba Road, must descend to Machala Road, pick up the ballen at Clement, and continue their journey down Noguchi Road.

Related 70 civilian traffic officers The purpose is to ensure that there are activities Road safety The reporter also guides drivers and pedestrians to take alternative routes, to get the job done.

Closed roads will be gradually opened for traffic Parade As mentioned, the ATM has been informed.


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