The governor of the province of Guayaquil, Pablo Arosemena, during the destruction of arms in Guayaquil. Photo: Twitter @goberguayasec

In order to prevent criminal activity, the governor of the province of Guas, Paul ArosemenaThis Tuesday, April 26, 2022 announced that The army will patrol the streets again From cities like Guayaquil and Duran.

Arosemena explained that the decision was made at a meeting in Palacio de Corondale on Monday. The announcement came as more than 2,100 weapons were destroyed on Tuesday. Armed forces On company premises ANDEC SA., Guayaquil.

Minister of Defense, Luis Hernandez, These weapons were also present at the time of destruction. The official said “the presence of the armed forces will often be seen on the streets.”

Arosemena did not mention when Dressed in uniform They will carry out the operation along with the national police. They are expected to do so from this Tuesday because he said they would do it “from now on”.

He further hinted that Military presence In the cities it is due to the lack of police officers in Guayaquil.

Measurements are not new. Indeed, it was implemented last year but it failed to control the crime rate.

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