The family of footballer Gabriel C. is concerned about the alleged transfer from Esmeraldas to the Literary Penitentiary. Inside this Preventive detention issued against the athlete And 16 others, as part of a criminal gang in the province of Esmeraldas.

On Saturday night, April 23, 2022, Gabriel C.’s lawyer, Antonio Duran, said in a telephone conversation with EL COMERCIO that, at the hearing on April 22, 2022, His client and three other detainees were ordered to be sent to Quito Prison # 4.

“But, surprisingly, we were told he was being transferred to Guayaquil, not Quito. We later learned unofficially that it was not Guakil but Latakunga, “the lawyer said.

According to the lawyer, the footballer’s family does not know for sure Where it is located. “We do not know if they took him to a specific place. The wife told me they had called her and told her they were going to transfer her to the Literal Penitentiary and that she would be back on Sunday, April 24 at 2:00. ”

Duran mentioned that They are not sure about the position of their defendant. “Presumably they will arrive in Guayaquil at 02:00. They left Esmeraldas at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Athlete’s relatives can contact to find out about the transfer Esmeraldas Community Surveillance Unit, Saturday 23rd April at noon to find out about your relatives. The first thing they were told was that he would be transferred to the Puerto Principal ‘La Roca’ highest security prison. However, their whereabouts have not been known so far.

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