The Alóag Santo Domingo road is closed for about 85 kilometers near the town of Santo Domingo. Photo: CTE.

The Ecuador Transit Commission said that Through Alóag-Santo Domingo I’ll stay Off Due one more day Glide From Rock It happened at 85 kilometers.

It is planned to be implemented Reopened Monday, May 23, 2022, the last day Holidays By Battle of Pichincha.

This Saturday, May 21 night, at least 2 kilometers of road – at the height of the KFC restaurant – was occupied by a double column. Trailer Y. Truck.

Its car Heavy transport They carry food, fruit and products for the Sierra Company. Another huge number of heavy vehicles are waiting at the gas stations near the road, especially at the bypasses. Emerald PathQuito Y. Quivedo-Quito.

Its agents Ecuadorian Transit Commission They controlled the KFC area to prevent passage through this artery.

This road has been closed since Saturday morning, May 21 Drop From Ruins In the industry TinlandAbout 14 kilometers to reach the city Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

The Prefecture From Santo Domingo de los SachilasWith less than 30 kilometers of administration, it was reported in the morning that the road would be maintained. Suspended All day, because Cleaning work They did not end because of the presence of large stones.

There is a huge boulder across the two lane stretch of this road, which is a The main connection In Mountains And Coast.

The Traveler Which went to the beaches of Esmeraldas and Manabí could not run through this artery.

Tsáchila prefecture indicates that its Machinery Y. Technical staff They went to the site to clear the soil and rocks. Because of its great dimensions Material Stone What has slipped (rocks up to 15 meters high), the road will take time to reopen.

A statement from the prefecture indicated that Traveler They have to take it Alternate route Such as Las Mercedes-Los Bancos. Those traveling from Quito to the beaches of Esmeraldas or Manabí can do so via Calacalí-Los Bancos, Los Bancos-Valle Hermoso or Los Bancos-Las Mercedes, northwest of Pichincha.

In the morning, d Users They complain about Long wait And Lack From Timely information About road conditions and passing time.

Many have traveled The beach May 24, 1822 for a three-day rest for the Liberal Party. In general, about 11,000 vehicles pass through this road every day.

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