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The agenda of Ecuadorian football players abroad

Moises Caicedo This opens the curtain for Ecuadorians’ participation in foreign leagues for May 7 and 8, 2022. Midfielder E scored a goalBrighton against Manchester United.

Ecuador’s players will have a Intense match schedule. The European, North American and Mexican leagues will make room for the tri-color.

Where the vision falls on the soil of Europe The major leagues are at the definition stage To find out who will be their champion in international tournaments or relegation.

Gonzalo SilverPiero EmphasisAmong others, they will see action on their respective teams.

On the American continent Liga MXO is in the definition stage The teams are looking for a place in the final league.

Featured Match

May 7
1:45 pm Liverpool v Tottenham

May 8
10:30 am Manchester City v Newcastle

Spanish League

May 8
09:00 This time vs Valladolid
09:15 Villarreal vs Seville

Featured Match

May 7
14:00 Betis vs Barcelona

May 8
14:00 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

German League

May 8
12:30 pm Leipzig vs Augsburg


May 7
2:30 pm Charlotte vs. Inter-Miami
3:00 pm Montreal vs Orlando-City
6:30 pm DC United vs Dynamo
6:00 pm Minnesota vs. Cincinnati
7:30 pm FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders
9:00 pm SJ Earthquake vs. Colorado
10:00 pm LAFC vs Philadelphia

May 8
4:00 pm Nashville vs Real Salt Lake

MX League

May 7
20:05 Monterey vs Athletic San Luis

May 8
17:00 Puebla vs Mazatlan
19:15 Guadalajara vs. Pumas

Colombian League

May 8
18:10 Millionaire vs. Tolima

Peruvian League

May 8
15:00 ADT vs Sporting Crystal
15:30 Ayakucho vs. Carlos Manucci
15:30 San Martin vs Lima Alliance

Chile League

May 7
16:30 U. Chile vs. Serena

Argentine League

May 7
2:30 pm Independent vs. Hurricane

May 8
2:00 pm Gymnastics vs. Newell

Brazilian League

May 7
18:30 Paranance vs. Ciara

May 8
14:00 Palmeiras vs. Fluminense
16:00 Bragantino vs. Corinthians
4:00 pm vs. Cuiaba
17:00 Power vs. Sওo Paulo

Venezuela League

May 7
14:00 Metropolitan vs Sports Tachira

Guatemala League

May 8
12:00 Communication vs. District

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