Plaza 24 de Mayo was the stage for the celebration of its 19th anniversarySunday walks‘, A civic initiative that emerged as an opportunity to encourage Use of bicycles and bicycle paths.

To celebrate, Mobility Secretary To cover the walking route, with the participation of civic groups, proposed a series of activities. At present, about 26,000 people use this route every Sunday.

Augustina Santana, director Mode From Sustainable transportation Of Secretary From MobilityExplained that it started with a route that covers eight kilometers and is currently 24 kilometers.

To commemorate this day, a special route is called “Cycling By History“, Six kilometers. It started from Plaza 24 de Mayo Liberty Summit.

Children, youth and adults take part in the presentation by participating in this activity Dance troupes, music and entrepreneur fairs are organized.

Bicycle ride from Corina Armendáriz Half the world Plaza 24 de Mayo take this part Anniversary.

Believe that Sunday walks An interactive initiative for Community Because it allows you to get out of the routine and, above all, contributes to care Environment.

Armandariz started cycling at the age of 12, now the bike is his I mean, the medium From Transportation And one Healthy way to play sports.

Ariel Benavids together with his friends Cycling From South From Quito So far Square. Between laughter and humor, he says he enjoys it Sunday walks And it is important to believe that the authorities enable more routes to be able to enjoy the capital.

Entrepreneur Fair

Several entrepreneurs participated in the fair and offered them Homemade products.

Dialiani Rosero was present with salt and sweet snacks. Also offers Fast food such as sandwiches, hamburgers and desserts.

With the account, his mother’s spice and his ability to sell they launched this project.

Ines Lochamin is another entrepreneur who started four years ago. Details Personal care products Such as soap and shampoo. Now it is venturing into 100% natural honey production.

Other products including toasted, slashi, snacks were offered at the event.

The Entrepreneur Fair is also held in front South Stand.

Other activities along the route


av on Gallo Plaza (El Labrador Interchange): Entrepreneurial fairs and preventive health control.

Arco de la Circasiana – Parque El Ejido: Good environmental practice stand; Display Prototype of electric vehicle; Presentation The band ‘Wind Ensemble’; Preventive health control.

Plaza Simon Bolivar: Point off Hydration Y. Preventive health control.

In the middle
Boulevard 24 de Mayo: Cycling Inauguration; Municipal band performances; Entrepreneur Fair.

South of Quito
Tribuna del Sur, Road Park: Point Off Hydration, Entrepreneur Fair.

Quito South Linear Park, Preventive health control.

av on Rumiñachacha Ñan and av. Amaruan (stable park), fair Initiative, The band ‘Wind ensembles’, preventive health control.

Cyclists who want to access Interactive museum From ScienceThe Museum Of City Or Museum Carmen HighThe Entry Will be Free.

Events will occur from 08:00 to 16:00 and there The watchman Y. Surveillance By Metropolitan Agency From Transit (AMT).

Most activities will take place Fresh air, So it is ideal to be present with family or friends; However, it is withdrawn that The use of masks continues.

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