It is a mid-mountain platform suitable for breaks. Photo: EFE

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Giro’s 12th stage, on May 19, 2022, offers a challenge Adventurous To make a selection Escape To explore the glory of the 204 km route, the longest of this version will connect Parma and Genoa which includes 3 Scoring port.

It is suitable for a mid-mountain stage Fleeing. There is the first part Constant climbing From Paso del Boko to Liguria (3a.6 km at 4%). Later Rapid descent The Peloton Val will enter Fontanabuona, always a slight climb up to the ferry, where the Colletta de Boasis climb begins (4.4 at 9 km).

Entering Province From Genoa Shorts will be uploaded however Challenging Valico de Transasco (3a, 4.3 km to 7.9). Once in Bolzaneto, the race is a brief cover Stretched From FreewayCrossing the Torrente Polcevera at the new Ponte San Giorgio.

The finish line is in the center of Genoa, along the highway, through 20D Septembre Slightly ascending. Departure is scheduled for 12:05 pm and will arrive between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

Spaniard Juan Pedro Lopez will come to the rescue one more day Pink jersey Ecuador’s Richard Carapaz (Enios) and Portuguese’s Joao Almeida (UAE Emirates) are 12 seconds ahead. Michael Landa (Bahrain winner) is seventh in 29 seconds.

Ecuadorians in General Guerrero

Karapaj (Ainiios) is in second place, 12 seconds behind leader Juanpe Lopez in the standings GeneralStage 11 is over.

Jonathan Norvez (Ineos) is in 44th place at 37:07 minutes.

Jonathan Caicedo (EF Education-EasyPost) 47th class at 40:50 behind the leader.

Alexander Sepeda (Drone Hopper – Androni Geocattoli) is at 109 at 1:45:53.

Karapaz is already second

Ecuadorian cyclist Richard Karapaz Owned From Three seconds From BonusGiro d’Italia’s 11th place, with which he finished second in the general classification.

This May 18, 2022, the race leader is still Spanish Juan Pedro Lopez. Then, in 12 seconds, Carapaz and Portuguese Joao Almeida tied. Ritchie rose to two positions Turn.

At the beginning of this day carchense He was fourth, 15 seconds behind the leader.

However, in the intermediate sprint (a bonus division), Carapaz took three seconds to cross before his opponents, and he overcame that. Classification Romain Bardet of France, who was third, 14 seconds behind Lopez. Now, Bardet is fourth overall.

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