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The tension that is prevailing among them Executive And Legislative There is no clear scenario for a potential crossover death. On the other hand, other strategies are being analyzed in the face of political blockade AssemblyThe President has maintained that the Democratic Left Leader (ID) will be investigated, Xavier Harvas.

For Presidential Adviser Diego Ordonez, Lasso Tried to reach an agreement with the Legislature by all means. “It simply came to our notice then Assembly) Have a blocking agenda and want to create conditions for blackmail. At the end of the day, there is no place where things can be fixed. “

An action that is analyzed The court Constitutional Rule over the constitutionality of the archive Law From Investment. Regarding possible cross-death, this councilor believes that it can block political conflict, but acknowledges that its effects Economy. “If the president’s decision goes in this direction, the negative effects must be minimized.”

Constitutionalists agree on this point Jimena Ron. He explains that it is a “radical” process with which everyone loses: government, parliament and civil society. The two powers do not have the popularity that guarantees re-election and the economic cost of the electoral process is high for “a country that lives in a process of austerity”.

“It’s not the best scenario because the government has weak political capital. I am inclined to open a channel of dialogue with the various political forces in the presidential legislature, “added political analyst Francisco Montahuano. Ron also agrees.

Homro Castania, Deputy Minister of Administration; And Juan Manuel Fuertes, Under Secretary of Governance, agree that Death Crusade It’s one Method Constitutional, Which in an extreme case could be activated by Lasso and would mean political instability for the country. Both have spoken on FM Mundo and FM Radio, respectively.

Possibly though Death Crusade While it is not clear, Lasso also has the option of governing by decree or legislation that the legislature processes in a general way, and not necessarily, Ron adds.

However, the tension has increased this weekend. On Saturday, Lasso officially Complaint Former presidential candidate Xavier Harves, accused of tax fraud.

The Head of state He sent a request to Marisol Andre, director of the Internal Revenue Service (SRI), to investigate tax evasion by politicians. The same request was extended to the Financial Analysis Unit.
In the letter, he confirmed that on March 22 he had a meeting of a political nature with Harves, which was related to processing. Investment law.

“In an unprecedented way, it (Harves) referred to it as a bargaining chip, about exclusive personal interests: that the Internal Revenue Service has begun to exercise some control over it.”
The amount of income tax (IR) documents declared by Harves between 2009 and 2020 is USD 3,666.38, but the declaration was zero in those few years.

Similarly, it gives the example that the payment of foreign exchange outflow tax (ISD) for some years is “inconsistent at first glance” with the IR declaration for the aforesaid years.

Until this version is closed, SRI He did not rule on Lasso’s request to investigate Harvard’s tax payments.

According to the organization’s public data, Harvard’s IR was recorded as zero in 2014. In 2021 he declared USD 4,289.95. For the same year, the registered ISD is USD 3,181.5.

For tax analyst Carlos Licto, Harvard’s income tax return data reflects that he is a person with a low annual income, about USD 25,000. “This tax return is not consistent for the person who owns the business.”

Experts have confirmed that there are some cases where the owners of the company transfer them Cost Private To the company, so their personal statistics are low. Licto insists that a detailed analysis is needed to verify the profit margins of the companies associated with Harvard. One of them is Nova Alimentos. In a video broadcast on Twitter, Harvass assures: “I never asked him for anything.”


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