A warehouse in Bicentennial Park has a total of 600 bicycles. Photo: Patricio Terán / EL COMERCIO.

One temporary solution is to use 600 bicycles that have been paralyzed since 2020, part of the BiciQ project, planned to use 600 bicycles stored in Bicentennial Park.

Ricardo Pozzo, Mobility Secretary, Recently Entity Dr. Works In a preparation Interim planning Which will be effective in the end June 2022.

Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT)

In the end, the officer said Maybe The condition of the bicycles will be known and it is expected that the plan will be launched in June with the units that are in good condition.

Pozzo added that by October 2022, a study will be conducted to find an alternative mobility system in Quito that extends to the entire city.

He goes on to say that this bike system should be integrated with the stop Quito subway Which will take effect in December 2022.

Irregularities in the purchase of bicycles

Councilor Monica Sandoval says the municipality has a responsibility to ensure that “bicycles are at the service of citizens and are not stored.”

He referred to the report issued by him Regulator Where did you find irregularities in shopping? 300 bikes For Priced at $ 800,000.

He detailed in the report that the bicycles were one Import cost USD 690.15 for each bike, including tax. And the price of USD 2814.02 excluding VAT has been increased in the contract.

According to the regulatory body, the municipality was not prepared Technical research Which justifies the purchase and unfairly pays the company All bikesWhich won the competition for bicycle delivery.

Project Q-Bike Started in 2012 with an investment USD 1,080,000. In which lost 100% Due to lack of management.


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