New carriers of PUCE have been created based on the productive demand of the country. Photo: Courtesy PUCE

The Technical structure This is an option for those who want to study career and work together. It’s also for those who already have one Occupation And yet they try to strengthen their knowledge and get one Good job.

According to statistics from Institute From Statistics Y. Census (INEC), probability of receipt a Job title If the applicant has a training degree, it is doubled Technology Is TechnicalCompared to an applicant who only has High school.

Those who have this training highlight the analysis Greater probability Recruitment, from every year Productive sector More staff is needed Able. It is estimated that demand by 2035 Technical staff.

The Vice President Of The camera From Innovation Y. Ecuadorian technologyMarcela Hernández, there is a great lack of points Human talent In the industry Technology. “We have to educate them and get their degrees and they will get it Is working Anywhere The world”, The expert said in a webinar conducted by the institute Techno-Ecuadorian.

New creation Technical career This will allow more options for young people to access a quota Higher education. According to statistics from Secretary From Higher education, Science, Technology And Innovation (Senescyt), two years ago there were about 60,000 young people without quotas.

In view of this claim, d Catholic University Of Ecuador (PUCE) has introduced a new offer this year Technical career Y. Technical. Nursing, intensive care for the elderly, photography, culinary management, software development, pastoral work, dairy processing, administration and entrepreneurship of popular and solidarity economies, among others.

Pablo Plou Hall Priest New PUCE-Tec unit. He mentioned that it was intended to create this area Job market And that productive demand exists Ecuador.

About 300 to 400 places will be opened in Quito alone Semester. But the offer includes offices in Ibarra, Ambato, Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo.

For that, this offer provides more affordable cost and other benefits for the applicants. “These technologies are suitable for those who already have them WorkBut want to complete their training with one Title From The third level. We believe that this could be a step in the right direction. “

It is proposed to make between two and three Career New every year. “The idea is that they respond to the needs of the country’s productive matrix,” Dean said.

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