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Athletics competitions for Kenya Teachers Colleges from seven regions across the country open in Embu County.

The seven regions represented are: Western, Riftvalley, Nairobi, Nyanza, Coast, Central and Eastern region.

Secretary General for Kenya Teachers Colleges Sports Association (KTCSA), Paul Maina, during the opening of the competitions said the teachers colleges have not set foot on the fields and tracks since the government banned sporting activities due to Covid-19 restrictions two years ago.

“We are happy that we have resumed, participants are enthusiastic to take part in the championship,” said Maina.

Maina added that athletics started at 7am in the morning with a 5,000 metres walk and it was won by Asumbi TTC.

The organizers say 650 competitors in various disciplines are in Kigari Teachers College to be part of the athletics which will run for two days.

He noted that Nairobi and Nyanza have the highest number of Paralympics who are present to participate in Kigari.

Stiff competition is expected from Rift Valley and Western with other teams from Eastern, Nairobi, Nyanza and Coast trying to keep the pace.

He also said that the biggest challenge that they have been facing is that of adequate capitation in colleges’ sports departments.

Maina said unlike in secondary and primary schools where government consider sports kitty, in Teacher Colleges, they only depend on students for funding.

“When it comes to funding, that is our biggest unbecoming, we depend on the fees our students pay,” noted Maina.

The Secretary General further said that government should consider funding sports in Teachers Colleges.

Leting, who is the national starter said the sports came in good time  and the opportunity will give the students opportunity to nature their talents.

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