A Ambulance plane On Saturday, April 9, the journey began for the American city ClevelandCarrying TV presenter Tania Tinoco. According to the relatives, the journalist has been transferred as he is stable at the moment.

“They The state of health is fragileBut all of these days have been stable, which has facilitated relocation to the United States, “the family said in a statement.

A person from Tinoco’s circle indicated that the presenter was Intensive therapy. He was sent after the last medical check-up America.

Tinoco has had emergency surgery ArrhythmiaTheir relatives said on Thursday. Both Ecuavisa and the family have indicated they will keep the journalist’s medical evolution a secret.

“It is a time of strength, light, support, expression of affection and sending prayers,” the family added in the statement.

Tinoco, 58, is almost there 40 years of journalism profession. In addition to being a television presenter, he entered the press and radio.

“Come on, believe me Recovery, Is in the best hands ”, concludes the family. Tinoco was treated at the Guaquil Clinic, where he underwent emergency surgery.


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