Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde, while signing the formal application for the Nordic country’s accession to NATO, announced a social democratic government yesterday after an extraordinary meeting. Photo: EFE.

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Anne Linde, signed this Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Application Its official Entry This is the Nordic country NATOAfter an extraordinary meeting, the Social Democratic Government announced.

Sweden plans to submit the application to the head office this Tuesday, May 17 or Wednesday, May 18 NATO In Brussels, at the same time FinlandParliament is due to vote on a formal decision on Tuesday, approved by the president, Sully Ninisto, and the government on Sunday, May 15.

Ninistো paid an official visit to Sweden, which included a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson.

“It’s big, serious and we’ve achieved what we think is best for Sweden,” Linde told SVT Public Television.

Anderson justified his government’s decision, which ended two centuries of foreign policy based on non-alignment, with the new security situation. Russian military intervention Inside Ukraine.

After the announcement Parliamentary debate Where a clear majority of the parties were in favor of joining, although unlike Finland, Sweden does not require a vote in the chamber, since the decision is made by the government.

The Swedish decision was sung as Anderson expressed support for his party on Sunday, a historic turning point in a structure that made non-alignment a feature of his policy for decades and was approved by his annual congress to maintain the current one. NATO has the status of an ally but not a member, just like Finland.

Anderson, who appeared yesterday with opposition leader – Conservative Wolf Christensen – stressed that joining would have a deterrent effect on Northern Europe, improve security and reduce risks, indicating that there is no alternative but to be “realistic”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured that NATO expansion in Finland and Sweden is not a problem for Russia, but it will be if it includes the deployment of weapons on its territory.

“We are ready for all situations, but we do not see any direct military threat,” Anderson said yesterday, although he had previously hinted at a possible Russian cyber or hybrid attack.

Sweden and Finland received NATO support at an informal meeting of their foreign ministers in Berlin on Sunday, although Turkey has criticized both for supporting their Kurdish staff and for treating others as “terrorists”.

“Sweden is an incubator for terrorist organizations. They harbor terrorists. You have deputies in Parliament who protect terrorists. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday that “we will not say ‘yes’ to those who want to join NATO by hosting terrorists.”

The Swedish government planned to send a delegation to Ankara to discuss the issue with Turkey.


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