NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and the alliance’s Swedish ambassador, Axel Warnhoff, followed the formal presentation of the application for membership. Photo: EFE / JOHANNA GERON

Its ambassadors Sweden Y. Finland Before NATO This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at the headquarters of the Transatlantic Organization in Brussels, their applications for joining the Alliance were distributed. Where they met with Allied Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who described the move. “Historical

The law was passed on Wednesday after the Finnish parliament approved joining the alliance and the Swedish government decided to request its accession to the organization.

The Finnish diplomat Klaus Korhonen and Swedish Axel Warnhoff conveyed to Stoltenberg their country’s requests to join NATO, and the Allied Secretary-General then called the requests a “historic step.”

“The requests made today (this Wednesday) are a historic step,” Stoltenberg said.

He added that it was “a good day at a crucial time Our security”And thanked both countries for distributing admission applications.


“Every nation has Straight To choose one’s own path. You both have made a choice after a rigorous democratic process and I warmly welcome Finland’s and Sweden’s requests to join NATO, “he explained in a brief statement.

He stressed that Helsinki and Stockholm are “close partners” of the alliance and added that access to both transatlantic organizations would “enhance our shared security.”

“The Allies will now consider the next steps on our path to NATO. The security interests of all allies must be taken into account and we are determined to resolve all issues and reach a speedy conclusion, “he said.

Entry and opposition against Sweden and Finland

Turkey, NATO member Dr. Opposition The reason for Sweden and Finland joining the alliance is that it considers that both countries maintain a policy of welcoming Kurdish militants.

Admission of new members Alliance This is a decision that the countries of the Transatlantic Organization take unanimously, so Ankara’s approval is required.

However, the United States has already expressed its confidence that Turkey could finally give the green light to the entry of the two Nordic countries.

Stoltenberg recalls that in recent days there have been announcements from NATO members that they have pledged to protect Finland and Sweden.

The announcements elicit concerns about a fictitious Russian attack on these countries when they are asked to join the alliance until they become full members.

“NATO is already on high alert in the Baltic Sea region and NATO and allied forces will continue to adapt as needed. All allies agree on the importance of NATO’s growth. We all agree that we must stay together and that this is a historic moment that we must seize, “Stoltenberg said.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led Finland and Sweden to abandon their traditional neutrality and apply to join the alliance.

An accelerated process

After submitting Finnish and Swedish applications for membership, the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s highest decision-making body, which brings together member states, will meet to discuss Helsinki and Stockholm requests. The meeting is likely to be held on Wednesday.

Depending on how the talks between the North Atlantic Council allies develop, Finland and Sweden will be invited to start negotiations to join the alliance’s headquarters.

Those Conversation They are meeting with representatives of NATO and Finland and Sweden on the two countries’ ability to meet the requirements for membership in the Transatlantic Organization.

If today’s North Atlantic Council meeting is okay, the joining talks could begin on Thursday or Friday and last for a day or two.

Following these discussions, it will be time for NATO members to sign and ratify the protocol for joining the alliance of Finland and Sweden.

There is no official joining date

The process of approving the Axen protocol varies from country to country. Although approval of the United States Senate requires two-thirds approval, a formal vote in the UK Parliament is not required.

Following the Allies’ approval, the NATO Secretary General invited potential new members to abide by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, from which the alliance was born.

The invited countries then join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization according to their national procedure and once Finland and Sweden submit their joining materials to the US State Department, they will formally become members of NATO.

Although it was not known How long can it last In the case of Finland and Sweden, the whole process is that both Nordic countries will quickly become full members of NATO.

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