Super de Bancos indicates that the aforesaid entities are not authorized for foreign exchange. Image: pixels

The Bank Superintendent Has been warned about this week Seven new financiers Those who are not allowed to work legally in the country. So far in 2022, 18 of these entities have been reported.

Uniprogreso Cooperative this week; Valentine Corporation; Cam liqueur lexam; New Millennium Turns; Spin New Millennium 2; Cash Maker and Cash Market 2.

According to Super de Bancos, this entity Not allowed Conducting currency exchange or any other activity reserved for the national financial system.

Control Entity has indicated that it is aware that there are some companies and organizations that operate and market through various processes such as email, web pages, flyers, etc. Credit productsFor investment, entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs, merchants, retirees, farmers, transporters and employees, Low interest ratesBut does not work legally in the country.

Such advertisements are made by natural and legal persons who Not regulated or authorized The offers made by the superintendent and the offerings are a clear indication of processes that do not conform to the established parameters and Risk for citizensSuper de Bancos says.

Since 2017, has been reported 98 financial institutions Working in the country without approval. Among them is the well-known Big Money, which attracts “investments” to Quebec, led by the now-deceased Miguel Angel Nazareno Castillo, known as “Don Naja”.

Check the reported entity At this link.

# The bank’s superintendent has announced the termination of an unauthorized fundraiser in Ecuador. There are complaints ┬╗

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