Complaints under the age of 15 Violation For him Driver Of School transport That took him to her School Will enter the Quito program The victim And witness it ProsecutionThis Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the Human Rights Secretary, Bernard Ordonez, reported.

“I had the last information and I can confirm that the girl is going to be admitted to the program for victims and witnesses of the prosecutor’s office,” the minister said after a meeting with representatives of the shelter in the Ecuadorian capital. Women are victims of sexual violence.

The Prosecution Ecuador is an early report Research On Allegations of rapeWhich occurred at the first indication, when the minor was transferred to school.

Ordonez expressed “outrage because events like the one we learned last Thursday continue to happen in the country,” which, he said, “strengthens the commitment that the state and society must resist this violence.”

The Government Secretary Withdrawal from his office a National strategy For Prevention of sexual abusePublic policy that is waiting to be received Budget.

About the events that happened Quito And it shocked the public because, under suspicion, the driver may have drugged his victim, which would point to preconceived notions, Ordonaz explained, adding that since Thursday, a statement has been activated with organizations such as the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Education.

“The Ministry of Education is reviewing the relevant procedures and protocols, and this secretariat will be with the whole process for both the family and the girl child, as well as for the institutions to articulate national measures for the elimination of violence.” riveted

The Parents Of minors The school allegedly failed to help their daughter According to local media, within four hours he was in the educational facility until they came to pick him up, or to help them in the investigation, because they did not give the driver information, according to local media.

In a statement, the education ministry said Monday that when the incidents became known, the educational institution had activated protocols in situations of violence, including student companionship and protection, direct contact with their teachers and a presentation. Complaint to the prosecutor’s office.

However, as part of his ResearchThe Ministry of Education will evaluate whether the school authorities where the complainant studies comply with all established protocols.

In the study is done Adjustment With various suitable examples and in collaboration with private school transport companies, such as the Ministry of Education itself has stated that it does not know the position of the respondent.

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