For security or just curiosity, quite a few Users From Facebook They want to know who reviewed their profile. This Tuesday, May 3, 2022, we tell you Strategy To find out without the need for other applications.

Let us remember that the platform currently exists Security options, So that account holders may or may not allow access to certain people. So you can choose what each follower wants to see or not.

This time we don’t mention other applications that allow us to know who sees us and who doesn’t, because some of them require our data and it is better not to give them for security.

How do you know who is reviewing your Facebook profile without the application?

Here are 7 steps you must follow Note that this only works if you do it from a computer:

  1. Open the Facebook page from your computer’s web browser.
  2. Talk to you Profile Click there once F12 Or key adjustment control + u.
  3. Immediately, a new tab will open which will present you with the Facebook HTML code. In short, all these letters and numbers make up social networks.
  4. Write the combination inside this screen Control + F Used to launch search engines in browsers.
  5. Once opened, write Friend_id And immediately a series of codes with this phrase will be shaded in orange or red. If it is not shaded, press Enter to order the browser to search for this key.
  6. All shaded Buddy_ID will be preceded by a plural number that, in short, represents each user who has visited your profile.
  7. All you have to do is find someone you know Copy that code And enter the following link: the code).
  8. Finally press Enter
  9. And immediately The page will show Which matches the numeric code previously copied and therefore visited your profile.

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