The Society They can do them Method Declaration and payment Income Tax (IR) Fiscal year 2021.

The Internal Revenue Service (SR)I) this Tuesday, March 29, 2022, recalls that such Taxpayers They must fulfill their responsibilities Tax Until this April Years.

For this tax is declared and paid The ninth number The RUCAccording to the following details:

Micro-enterprises announce half-yearly and annual

The Society That is, subject to the financial deadline 2021 Tax regime For Small enterprisesThey have to submit Statement The biennial now has to submit their annual declaration as well Income tax On April.

The micro-enterprise disappears with the approval of the regime Laws for economic development and financial stability Back Covid-19 worldwide. Depending on the case, the taxpayers of this department are now either under the general rule or in the new simplified system for entrepreneurship and popular business. (Rimp).

How to declare income tax?

The Society They have to be announced Income tax Follow these steps online:

  • Enter SRI website“SRI Online” option with your username and password.
  • In the general menu, select the following route: Declaration / Tax Declaration / Preparation and Sending Declaration / Income Tax Form – Corporation.

In addition, d SRI Indicate that a guide is available for preparing and sending tax returns. Income tax On its website for the company.

The Tax administration Companies that withdraw must comply with it Tax liabilityEven when all income is discounted.

That way, SRI Perform all necessary steps to verify and control the payment of tax under the application of current tax regulations.

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