The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, requested the SRI to investigate the tax activities of former presidential candidate Javier Harves. Photo: Facebook Xavier Harvas.

Internal Revenue Service (SRI) Reported on Sunday afternoon, March 27, 2022 that it was running Tax control actionsRegarding the request of the President William Lasso.

On Saturday, March 26, Dr. sent a request to the President National Director of SRIMarisol Andrade, with the goal Start an investigation On the tax management of the former presidential candidate, Xavier Harvas.

In this regard, the tax entity stated that it was “conducting all relevant technical analysis” on the truth.

Moreover, it Taking legal actionWithin the scope of its powers, “the focus is on protecting the interests of the state, mainly those Related to fair tax collectionStrengthen the fight against potentially harmful tax practices. “

The entity indicates that, within him Tax control plan, Develops strategies and programs related to monitoring people and society on a regular basis. This is in order to run a timely management of tax risks in accordance with the law.

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