The love affair was due to the fact that PK was unfaithful to the singer. Photo: Europe Press

The couple wears one Relationships Without marriage, that is Soccer players And the singer has two children: MilanWho was born in 2013 and SashaBorn in 2015, but now Rumors of separation They become stronger and some indicate that it is for a reason Disbelief of Barcelona defender.

According to El Periodico Exclusive, Player of the Year FC Barcelona He was unfaithful to the Colombians. “The singer has caught up with the others and they are going to be separated,” says Spanish media.

Couples, who share 10 years apart and the same birthday, will be separated for some time, since The footballer has been staying at his home in Barcelona for several days, Located on the streets of Muntan, including Plaza Adria. Neighbors reportedly saw him frequently entering and leaving the area.

In addition, they point out that they saw her having a very active party at a nightclub Barcelona With his great friend Ricky Puig And his group of friends and acquaintances.

The Colombian, for her part, recently went on a trip with her sons Milan and Sasha New York.

The truth is Pique almost does not appear Shakira’s social network and vice versa, Which revives the debate. The last appearance together on the social network was in March. The Barranquilla singer-songwriter, on the other hand, traveled to Ibiza twice in May with her children, but without her companion.

The artist even celebrated the football player’s milestone on social networks, reaching 600 games. FC Barcelona.

Submersible message?

The singer’s latest musical release has also attracted attention, along with the hit Te Felicito, Raww AlexanderExpressing doubts about the relationship between Catalan and the artist.

“I have broken into pieces to fill you; I was warned, but I did not listen; I understand that you are lying; It was the drops that overflowed the glass; Don’t tell me you’re sorry, it sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you’re lying; I congratulate you, I have no doubt how well you do; Keep up the good content, the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. “ Brake signal.

The song goes on to say: “I didn’t buy that cheap watch, I’m sorry, I don’t ride that motorcycle anymore; I can’t stand two-faced people; I have laid my hands on the fire for you and you treat me as you wish; Your wounds did not open my skin, but opened my eyes; I have made them red with so much weeping for you; And, now, it turns out that you feel it; It sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you are lying; I congratulate you, you do a good job “, for which they point out that The subtext would be heartbreaking.

She is Camille Vasquez, the woman behind Johnny Depp’s victory over Amber Hard. Https://

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