The team will try to make history after finishing fourth in the world runners-up and games.

Esapole Alejandro Bustos during the game.Szilard KoszticsakEFE

The Spanish men’s water polo team has reached the final for the seventh time in its history World ChampionshipsWhich is being celebrated BudapestAfter passing this Friday Croatia In the semifinals (10-5), and against Italy His third world gold.

Showing off a solid defense and with a Unai aguere The star under the stick – the name of the best player of the match -, the team David Martin The current World Cup holds the bronze medalist to reach his seventh final in the history of the championship.

Now, 21 years after his last wound, Spain will try to raise him Third World Trophy (1998 and 2001) And made for the finals lost in the last edition Guangzhou 2019. Before that, a transalpine team is suffering from breakage Greece (11-10).

Alberto Munarez The enmity in the pool unleashed Alfred Hajos of Margarita IslandWhere Alex Busts He later took advantage of David Marton’s Survey for Boys-A de Toro to implement his first superiority for the men (2-1). However, as the defensive intensity decreased in the next minute, the Balkans were able to take their first lead before the end of the first quarter (2-3).

After a block shot from Mark Larumbe, Bly Mallarach With just a few seconds left (3-3) they managed to equalize in the second set to keep the Spanish reaction on track where they were able to stop the attack of the current World Cup bronze medalist, failing to score in all four of their situations. An extra man.

Original World runner up Y Fourth at the Tokyo Olympics Better performance with two consecutive goals after a shot from Alvaro Granados Philip Peron Crossbars, and ensured a 3-0 run that allowed them to take a two-goal lead at halftime.

Unai Aguirre’s image then emerged to block two new Balkan chances and leave some amazing numbers at the end of the third quarter: Spain conceded just two goals out of ten. Lots of two Bernat Sanahuza Earnings are allowed to be managed before the final part (7-5).

Alvaro Granados and Blai Mallarach came close to winning (10-5), which was no longer in danger in the final spread. With this, Spain added a new final to two of the last two European Championships, one won three years ago.

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