purujoseFrom the province of Zaragoza, SpainOnly an area of ​​more than 35 square kilometers is considered The smallest city in the world, Only with 35 residents. The astonishing figure was reported in the latest census conducted by the authorities for 2021.

This small town is about 200 meters across and, despite having a small population, has some problems with the performance of the population space. Because AndTraffic is controlled by traffic lights but it is only there A single main road.

You see, the road they are on is very narrow, if there are two cars they will not fit in the width. It is the smallest city in the world with traffic lights. Typically, they are kept on site with thousands of people. Even small towns are marked, “Mariano Sanjuan, the city’s former mayor, told the Spanish newspaper Heraldo.

Installation of traffic lights in the city

In 2001, the then mayor of Santiago San Martin Ibnez, YouIt was decided to install traffic lights at every end of the road to control the traffic. Because of its traffic jams because there is only room for one car on the road, this is a problem that affects its residents every day.

The electrical company, Iluica, was in charge of the installation. And although this initiative was originally created to solve traffic problems, it took five minutes to change the traffic light, which took a walk from one end of the city to the other.

While this was a relief for the residents, it was not easy for them to adapt to the rules. Some got tired of waiting and did not respect the red light, which caused a commotion. However, with the passage of time, its inhabitants have adapted and are now functioning normally.
Every year, curious people visit the city to see these traffic lights. But visitors are not the only reason to come to town.

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