According to the Mayo Clinic, Cancer From Ovary A growth of cells that form Ovary. Cells Multiplication Fast and can attack and destroy Healthy tissue Of the body.

This Illness One is considered Gynecological cancers Plus Deadly Of The world And the fifth most common cause Death For Cancer Among women, according to statistics American Society Against him Cancer.

Its treatment Cancer The ovaries usually grow Removal From both Ovary And other reproductive organs, e.g. Tube From Fallopian And The uterus. The ovary stores a woman’s eggs and Loss Among them Limbs May reduce ovarian reserve.

The reason is not clear Cancer From OvaryAlthough Doctor Has identified factors that may increase the risk Suffer The Illness.

Experts conclude that this is when the condition begins Cells In Ovary Or close to this development Change (Mutation) in your DNA. The cell contains DNA Instructions They tell the cell what to do. The Change Ask the cell to grow or contract Rapid multiplicationCreates a mass of cancer cells (tumors).

The Cancer cells Grows and can To occupy The Nearby tissue And different from Tumor Initial to spread (do) Metastasis) In other parts of the body.

According to the Mayo Clinic, its type Cells Which Origin The Cancer Determines its type Cancer The ovaries can get that trouble and Help From Treatment Determination The best treatment. Types of Cancer From Ovary These are:

Cancer Ovary Epithelial. This guy is the most Frequently. It has several subtypes, e.g. Carcinoma Cirrhosis and carcinoma Musinas.

Stromal tumors. These rare tumors are usually diagnosed at an earlier stage than other tumors. Cancer From Ovary.

Tumor From Cells These are germination Type From Cancer Rarely ovarian tendencies Will happen To one Age Plus Hurry up.

Any one of its signs and symptoms Cancer From Ovary May be included Swelling Is FlatulenceFeeling full fast while eating, weight loss, abdominal discomfort Pelvic areaChange Intestinal habitsAmong others.

Such Cancer Is usually associated with Because From Risk Such as old age, Genetic mutations Hereditary, overweight, endometriosis and never Pregnant.

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