It is said that when a pool was built 100 years later, the army of Sucre celebrated. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

Once the war is won Peachtree skirtHistorical accounts describe that up to this sector Soldiers From Sucre Take a victory bath. So literally.

In 1822, now adjoining that neighborhood Sun Rock It was nothing more than a forested area through which a spring had passed which served to refresh the soldiers who were able to gather the troops. The process of independence. It is even said that this was the first scene of the festival around the colonial quarters.

But for Patricio Guerra, the city’s chronicler, this version has several contradictions and one or the other myth. For example, the fact was that Pool Of the present Victory square Which served as an incentive Liberal soldiers Far from reality, says the historian.

And that was only in 1922, 100 years later Battle of Pichincha, That this infrastructure was built and the sector was renamed. “The whole of 24 Mayo, which was a valley, was repaired when, in the memory of the centenary (war), the La Victoria neighborhood was named.”

But Historical significance The area regained its strength a few years ago, its residents say, when it was re-arranged around Iconic Square. This has been confirmed by Alicia Duran Ballen, one of the leaders in the sector and a resident of La Victoria for 12 years.

She and her husband live in that building Victoria House, Located between Imbabura and Lodger, and where the foundation of the same name works. It is a place where children are cared for with limited resources in the area. “It’s a beautiful neighborhood that got its name from a great celebration,” Duran Ballen added.

An angle of it Property -Which was built 110 years ago by historian Cristobal Gangotena- which is said to be a stop for the tour Bolivarian AmericaThe desire for independence which will happen on 23rd May.

Will be a Hike These and other points that were important to go through Liberal gesturesAbout Bicentennial.

The walk will start at 8:30 in the morning May 24 Square And it must come to this The palace.

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