Footballer’s family Gabriel C. Still waiting to know his final destination, after this Saturday, April 23, 2022, they were informed that he Transferred From Emerald To a Prison in Guayaquil.

They were initially told he was going to the highest security prison ‘Stone’. Later, it must arrive Littoral Penitentiary. EL COMERCIO, in a telephone conversation with a lawyer Daniel DuranThe athlete’s defender noted that this Sunday, April 24, until 9:30 p.m. They did not confirm Arrival of football players in the main port jail.

“What they told us was that he arrived at the penitentiary at 02:00. We are trying to ensure their arrival, “said the lawyer.

The lawyer further noted that the judge issued that Preventive imprisonment Against detainees as alleged members of a criminal gang, Gabriel C. orders transfer Prison # 4From Quito.

“It simply came to our notice then. But since it is a weekend, it has become difficult to summarize and document. We don’t have anything officially confirmed, “he said.

According to the lawyer, what action will be taken in the next few hours as soon as it is confirmed that the athlete is in Guakil prison. “We will look into the legal possibility of filing any kind of appeal.”

Regarding the transfer of detainees to Guayaquil, Duran noted that “we understand that this was a decision of the SNAI for security reasons. But that is somewhat unreasonable. In addition to disrespecting the judicial decision, I didn’t hear it, but it happened in the literal penitentiary. “

He indicated that they would take it Legal action Against which he ordered the transfer of his client to Guayaquil. “They did not take him to a safer prison than to Quito, but to a prison that did not provide security.”

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