Glass voluntarily surrendered to national police at his home. Photo courtesy

Services for the DisadvantagedSnai) Expressed his “complete disposition” this Friday, May 20 night Prosecution To investigate its officials who took part in the process Habeas corpus A George Glass.

Came out of the glass Cotopaxi gelWhere he was serving three sentences for various acts of corruption on April 10, 2022. Release Mangalaralto happened after the parish judge, Javier MoscowWill give you one Habeas corpus And ordered his immediate release.

The Santa Elena Provincial Court The habeas corpus has been canceled, so the former vice president will have to return to Kotopaxi prison.

The magistrates were requested in their verdict Prosecution To investigate Management Its all officers Snai Who interfered in the process of constitutional measurement.

In this sense, Snyder supported the court’s decision and added Will cooperate in the activities That the Prosecutor’s Office “considers it necessary and relevant to avoid the abuse and misuse of this constitutional guarantee.”

Upon learning of the measure, the former vice president voluntarily surrendered to the national police at his home in Via La Costa, Guayaquil.

From there he was taken to the airport in the city of Buenos Aires Aeropolis To withdraw the arrest warrant, first go through Santa Elena and finally move to Latakunga.

# Attention | Former Vice President George Glass has surrendered to police at his home after a Santa Elena court annulled the habeas corpus. Https://

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Friday, May 20, 2022

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