Since the outbreak, 872,542 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Ecuador. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

The most recent Epidemic report Health Minister Jimena Garzon of the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) says there has been a slight increase in the number of cases. Covid-19 In Ecuador

According to the information provided by the Secretary of State, in 2015 Epidemic Week 19 There were 140 more infections registered than in the same period last year, with 904 reported.

In most cases, the Guardian specifies, there is no need for medical care or hospitalization, and patients who recover without complications.

The Indicator All that remains is hospitalization, death from the virus and Positivity. Thus, in Public network There are eight patients in the hospital bed and two in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

It is Method Made up of him IES, Isfa And Ispol18 patients in hospital beds and 11 in ICU, while Personal network Figures eight and 10, respectively.

For Death By Covid-19, the garrison assured that there had been two confirmed deaths across the country in 19 weeks: one Guas And in the other one Woman. The two were over 50 years old and none of them were Booster dose.

The risk is still hidden

Epidemiologist Mauricio Espinel recalls that the epidemic is not over and that the evidence he feels is, for example, New York. In that part of the United States, Use of mask For him Emergence From Case Kovid-19’s.

“We’re moving in a cradle and another wave is coming that we’ve already seen,” he said.

Experts explain that Risk of infection As it continues to grow Infection Because there are sensitive people and beyond that, because we live in an interconnected system and what happens in any part of the world is immediately reflected in other places.

About this VirusEspinel added, it is difficult to control it Scatter Because it is not a disease that causes The obvious signsHowever a good portion of the infected are asymptomatic.

For health worker Catalina Yepez, coronavirus has been proven Dynamic And Unexpected And when it is promoted, the risk will be present.

Therefore, it is important to analyze what will happen Europe Is America Epidemiological. In more than two years, usually, what happens in those countries quickly reaches the continent.

Maintain care

Faced with this scenario, experts highlight Self-care arrangements That population must be maintained as part of a separate and cohesive culture of resistance.

Remember that Probably space Infectious are those that are closed and without ventilation. It is recommended privilege Open space And use masks when meeting a lot of people.

This arrangement, added Vaccine Against the disease, they reduce the risk of infection.

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