Authorities are already responding to the emergency. The bull left the place and caused panic in the street. Photo: Capture

An emergency is underway Municipality Of Spine, PtolemyAfter several boxes collapsed on the premises where “Coraleas ” To celebrate Festival Of St. Peter.

Video and camera moments were recorded The fall of the box Between Guadua and Wood, so many people came out Wounds, Broken Y Wounded.

For now, Major Luis Fernando Velez, director of Tolimar Civil Defense, noted that there Six dead. Two others died at the scene and four others, including a one-year-old boy, died at the hospital. As for the injured, more than 150 people have already been treated at the Spinal Health Center.

“Two died on the spot. Hundreds of injured have reached the hospital. Medical personnel are unable to adapt and are being assessed based on injuries, ”said Major Velez.

Several ambulances, he noted Department of Ptolemais They have been removed Spine And that’s another transfer of the most seriously injured Medical center.

The bull that was part of the bullfight left the place and caused panic in the streets of Espinal. It was also announced Yellow warning The municipality will be able to deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

For his part, Evan Fernie Rojas ’councilman said that The Espinal Hospital collapsed And ambulance service. “We need ambulances and the help of neighboring hospitals, many people are still missing. Our hospital is broken, ”he said.

The Town Hall De Espinal has apologized for what happened in a statement and called on all residents to remain calm.

“We are deeply sorry for what happened Boring. We want to call on the entire community to remain calm. When a state of emergency is declared, relief agencies act immediately Removal of casualties For primary health care at the San Rafael Hospital in the municipality, ”they said.

And they added that for now, “We have been active in the Municipal Council for Disaster Risk Management, we will confirm them as soon as we receive an official report.”

Similarly, Major Luis Fernando Velez, Director Civil Defense TolimaConfirmed that rescuers were sent to the municipality to assist in rescuing the victims lying under the box.

“I hope that all the people affected by the collapse of El Espinal Square will be able to come out of their wounds. This has happened before sincelejo. I urge the mayors not to approve more shows with the death of people or animals, ”President-elect Gustavo Petro wrote on his account.

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