Since the end of April, Beijing has been embroiled in a resurgence of the Kovid-19 case. Photo: EFE

Its authority Beijing Announced the arrest Six Person Allegations of false information PCR test That is what is happening in the capital in recent weeks ChinaLocal media reported this on May 21, 2022.

The detainees are all employees of Pushi Medical Laboratory Withdrawal The Practice license As a medical institution and was responsible for carrying Extensive testing Fangshan District, one of the most affected areas New outbreak Omicron variant That hit the city.

According to the health department of the capital, this action has been taken as information has been given in this regard Test Was significantly smaller than the number of samples analyzed, which hid many Positive results Which may create the focus of the district in question.

The capital of the Asian country a New outbreak Since the end of April, which has compelled her Residents To survive Measurement Y. Limitations Wants to strengthen policy “Zero covid“It simply came to our notice then.

China Maintains her Strict policy From Resistance Against Covid, in which the border is almost completely closed, To separate Extensive PCR testing of all infected people at the quarantine center and movement restrictions wherever a case is detected.

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