The Greeks won 6-3, 7-6 (3) to reclaim a title that the Spaniards always tried to negotiate.

Davidvich, in the final against Sitsipus.
Davidvich, in the final against Sitsipus.Sebastian NogierEFE

I ended up in a sand-covered net after launching on a plank in a failed attempt to reach a goal. Passing What better way to give an example of what happened to his rival Monte Carlo Masters 1000 Alexander DavidovichFighting to the last ball and resilient, this time denied, already in the final. Spanish player Tuck’s beautiful journey against Puerto Stefanos Sitcipas. Greece regained the 2021 title by winning 6-3 and 6-7 (3) in one hour and 36 minutes. Davidovich fought like a tournament where he became very strong by his great performance throughout the week. He jumped to 27th in the world in this Masters 1000 and with an estimated increase in his game. Spanish tennis now has other players to give its best attention. Follow NadalExplosion alcaraz And Davidvich appeared.

It’s hard to find a direction where the Malaga man can now beat the two-time champion in the principality on paper, with eight titles and last year’s finalist at Roland Garros. But sports also consist of it, making the most of your faculty and being able to deny yourself the identity of your opponent. It was never clear to Seatsipas, who won four of the five games in the second set, and when he took another turn from Davidovich and picked up the cup, all the emotion.

He had a player before him who made it difficult for him in his two matches, one of them undecided. In the quarter-finals of the same tournament last year, the Greeks won 6-5 before Davidovich retired due to a left quadriceps injury. This same season, in Rotterdam, on the fast track, the win went back to Citcipus, but without spending three sets. The Spaniard thus became aware of his options, even more confident that he had imposed himself. Djokovic In the second round

Without fear

The beginning was auspicious Break In the third game. It is clear that despite the overwhelming celebration with his team at the stand after reaching the finals, he still believed in working. He came out fresh with loose and down-the-line backhand with fresh, shot shots, indifferent to the opponent’s intimidating power and the weight of the stage. It was the first final of his career, and he was playing it against the cup defender, a much more mature young man than him in this caliber event and in a classic clay court tournament.

It didn’t take long for Seatsipas to react, adding spice to the ball and provoking the opponent’s mistakes. When he plays with the first survey and refines when opening the angle, printing another motion in exchange for the third seed, he increases the demand. “Foki, foki!” They tried to raise a child that won the hearts of the fans. Parcus sitsipas and Malaguay also seem to lack the spark of another game.

He missed the first set and soon had a hard time in the second, but he was far from giving up. The Greeks believed that the work was almost solved and hastily sinned. Davidovich was there, ready to take advantage of any discount. Instead of digging, he cornered his opponent, seeking more initiative on the points given to protect his backhand. He was not too far from prolonging the war. Pec with an inappropriate dropshot that put the rest 3-1 in the tiebreaker. He performed poorly over short distances. Respect, whatever it is, deserves absolute respect and admiration for him, to be emulated in the best week of his life.

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