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Sing Sebastian Jatra with Matteo Boseli

Italian singer-songwriter Matthew Boseli And Colombian artists Sebastian Journey The title is a romantic single release Your light remained.

There is a theme English version Until he leaves and another is turned on Italian In the title of Atimo Di. All three versions of this song are published as one Trilingual EPWith the possibility of reaching a wide audience.

An international project

There were three versions of the song Produced By Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, who have managed multi-platinum hits like Luis Fonsi’s Despacito. Matteo Bocelli wrote the theme with Jez Ashurst and Emma Rohan. For his part, Jatra collaborated with Matteo Song in Spanish.

“Your light was an incredible romantic lyric, which I was happy to sing with my friend Sebastian Jatra. I met him two years ago and we immediately connected on a musical and personal level. I am honored to be able to sing this song with him in Spanish, English and Italian. It’s really a International project”, Boselli says about the song.

“Forever I was inspired by the Italian language and its music, Starting with Matteo’s father, Andrea Boseli. Matteo and I had a great time filming in Malta and we hope to be able to sing this song live many times over, ”said Jatra.

Malta as a scene of romance

Gentle lyric drama performed by Jatra and Bocheli To apologize And hope for a reunion. The song is wonderfully performed by acclaimed vocalists who are with Piano And Rope.

The theme is complemented by a Picture music Illustrated on a Mediterranean island Malt. Boseli and Jatra, directed by Italian director Cosimo Alema, have made three editions outdoors.

With three videos filmed Architecture and landscape With the support of the local authorities and the private sector on the island of Malta as a background.

Your Light Video premiered on the official channel of Matteo Boseli on Friday, April 8, 2022. YouTube. Until he leaves, the video will be released on Monday, April 11, and the production of Un Attimo di te will be announced soon.

A cultural and musical experience

Although the journey has released Bilingual collaboration In the past, his first song recorded in Italian at Un Atimo Di.

After successfully presenting the theme, the Colombians present this single Two caterpillarsFrom the Walt Disney movie ‘Charm’, During the 94th edition Oscars.

Bosselli, a graduate of the Luca Conservatory in Tuscany, began learning the piano at the age of six. At the age of 18 Debut on stageVerdi sang at the Colosseum in Rome and in 2021 he released his first solo title single.

At the beginning of this 2022, Boseli made his Spanish debut record With Dime, who recorded in Italian (Dimi). He recently joined his father, opera legend Andrea Boseli, on a tour of the United States.

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