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From 2019 to date, Market power control superintendence (SCPM) has approved 44 activities that allow unions of companies, due to which a Economic density. This has happened in several sectors including Service, Health Y. Trade.

Three have been approved this year. Was one of them Related Art Store (TÍA SA) and Ecuadorian startup Delivereo SA. Favorable resolution is known April 22.

Its chain Aunt Supermarket 60% bought by Delivereo, a startup that provides home delivery of products through its technology platform. With this acquisition AuntWhich has a presence in 22 provinces of the country, wants to increase E-commerce And improve its various sales channels.

In addition, it wants to give customers more security when shopping through its virtual platform. It encourages the creation of new jobs among drivers, administrative staff, call centers and suppliers. 53% of Ecuadorian companies have integrated mobile applications since the epidemic began in 2020.

Those Application Is to develop Platform E-commerce, chatbots and interactive catalogs to digitize their business, says Just Ecuador, a firm responsible for building the platform Self-powered digital

Breakout online

According to Ecuadorian Chamber of Innovation and TechnologyFrom the beginning ExtremeThe Electronic commerce Ecuador grew 400%, generating USD 2.76 billion in 2020 and USD 3.22 billion in 2021.

This income has been reported from SCPM Aunty Store In 2020 their amount was USD 696.4 million. The company was founded in 1960 and has more than 240 stores in the country. At the same time, Delivereo’s earnings were USD 542,605. Logistics startup was born in 2017. The initiative is listed on the Radar Tech startup by Buen Trip Hub.

Another approval from SCPM was the economic concentration between Synlab SA and Corporación Multigamma SA. The approval was resolved on 29 April. Sinlab is an Ecuadorian company mainly dedicated Service arrangements Clinical Analysis Laboratory for Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Conditions or Diseases. Activities are conducted at the national level.

For its part, Corporación Multigamma SA is an Ecuadorian company that provides Clinical Analysis Services For laboratory and outpatient patients, mainly in humans.

The third approval registered this year is the economic concentration between AkzoNobel Coatings International BV and Grupo Orbis SA. This international transaction was resolved on 5 April, but the conditions were set.

AkzoNobel Coatings International BV is a Netherlands-based company engaged in the production and marketing of coatings and chemical products. In Ecuador, it sells coatings for automobiles and metal containers, powder coating and industrial adhesives.

Grupo Orbis SA, for its part, is a company incorporated in Colombia and its business line in Ecuador is the commercialization of industrial and decorative coatings and industrial adhesives.

SCPM’s condition was to maintain the quality and profitability of the powder coating products offered in Ecuador.


According to the SCPM, three more economic concentration activities have been imposed since 2019, so as not to affect competitors or consumers. This ensures that change is in favor of innovation and efficiency. An economic concentration occurs when one company takes control of another company through mergers, acquisitions of shares or assets. Is Corporate transactions Companies wishing to join require approval from the SCPM if their annual sales exceed USD 85 million. That amount varies depending on the sector.

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