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Simon Pachano: ‘Government has acted responsibly and without initiative’

Complaints of the President William Lasso Against different sectors Opposition Various have been generated Feedback And take Posture In the politics of Ecuador. Analyst Simon digested Makes a reading from what was said recently Chief executiveWho attacked former president Javier Harves, Pachakutik (PK) and members of the Social Christian Party (PSC) for buying land from the mayor’s ex-husband Cynthia Viteri.

Is it a strategy or is it a reaction?

It is a response to the introduction of investment laws, but in general, it has received blows from opponents, mainly from Coreismo and PSC; In addition, the totality of Pachakutik and not just the so-called ‘rebels’.

So isn’t it a political ploy?

Obviously the government has no strategy in this regard. He is acting responsibly. He did not take the initiative.

Is cross-death a real option?

That option is a matter of time. In that situation the government has to adopt this method. I don’t think it’s convenient for the country. The picture itself is complex, because it is virtually a way to destabilize the country, not only politically, but also economically, and it causes problems. He can use it and I believe that, given the weakness and progress of the opposition, he will use it at some point.

Is there a more conducive environment for the actors on that stage?

Neither the government nor the opposition has political capital. Parliament has a miserable image.
The image of the government is a bit high. But, this last, with a cross-death and taking some immediate action, can change that negative perception. The scenario is that for any government that has such a disrespectful legislature. This is a legislature where corruption has taken place and it has been forgiven.
Allegations of corruption are from both sides.

I don’t think corruption is one way or the other. I believe that corruption in Parliament is fundamental, at least from what has been known so far. But the problem is corruption. The executive is weak for two reasons.

One reason is that it has no political front, no cadre, no party or legislature caucus. The other part is that it has a very strong opposition party, which has a general strategy of harassing the executive and not allowing it to rule so that elections can be held through cross-death.

In PK, does the party of legislators identified as ‘rebels’ get more space?

They are going to gain space conjuncturally. The rest of the PKK have joined them to vote against the law. But it is very situational. This has done great damage to the struggle of the PK bloc organization itself and the tribal movement.

The movement has been strong, with a clear approach, raising the flag against corruption. However, they are likely to keep up with what they have done.
One expectation was that having a large bloc of ethnic descent, those who came to renew the policy, would end up similarly. Democratic Left (ID) and injured.

You will have a strong fracture. It has already caused some internal cracks. But ID, unlike PK, has approved two MLAs from its caucus for corruption. They did not esprit de corps. That’s a plus point. Now, with the theme of Xavier Harves, he can provoke an internal earthquake. It may be that it creates divisions internally that have already occurred.

Is President Lasso’s room limited to strategy in this situation?

It is limited. That is why what is left with him is Crossed Death. Presidential spokesmen (journalist Carlos Giuseppe) and adviser Diego Ordonez both said they were preparing for popular consultation. In this situation it is suicide. What the people are going to say is that they should all leave and they will vote against it. This would eliminate the possibility of any political reform.

Is there another option?

Restrict yourself to staying in the office. This may mean that he is again allying with PSC.
But that party does not co-rule, it works from the legislature. He did it with Sixto Duran Ballen, Jamil Mahuad, Fabian Alarcon and Gustavo Nobuar.

Has the government failed to build communication and bridges?

The communication system is very bad. But I do not agree with those who believe that this is just a communication problem.

Simon digested

Political analyst and professor of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Flexo). He holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Salamanca in Spain. He also holds a master’s degree in sociology from Flaxso and the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. He is the author of a book on democracy, the political process, parties and elections.

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